We have taken up this Data Analytics in mind and generated ample data for the past year with a database of more than 200 Thousand which was generated through our innovative member gets member programs.

What we mean here is we don’t want the Data generated by us to get us income, but we want to generate wealth for those data – people.

We don’t see the people only as Data but as flesh & soul.

Hence, we want to be a part of their income earning machine with a minimum input and maximum output going as revenue to the member themselves through innovative system generated business activities.

We want our members to know the value of wealth and how it can be generated by member interaction by developing their own teams and not believing others.

We don’t give money to them, but We teach them how to generate wealth by creating the data by themselves

Once this data generation goes big, we want to use it and give them further assets that they can hold for their future needs

Here comes Crypto Currency which functions on Block Chain Technology which is and Open Ledger System and Decentralised the talk of the day

To initiate the value of our proposed Gbit Crypto Coin we are also introducing Gaming & Portals which can be only be operated through the PAP Vouchers & Gbit Coins in ICO Phase which one can get from the new system www.glitrabit.biz